Mar 20 2014

Humpty Falls

Humpty Falls

            Once upon a time on a quiet summer day in our lovely neighborhood, a little boy named Humpty had a very sad fall. In our neighborhood lived human families, like the pastor and his family, in two-story brick houses.  In the one-story yellow houses lived egg families. I am one of the eggs and I am going to tell you this story.

This is the real story of how the big fall happened. Humpty was the pastor’s son. He was sitting on his bike, but he had never ridden his bike without his dad’s help, so his neighbors, who were eggs, told him to get off. He refused and started riding down the driveway. The pastor saw him out his office window, and he started to get real mad at us eggs because we were taking care of Humpty. When we saw the pastor opening the window, we knew exactly what was coming for us.

As soon as he shut the window after yelling at us, a mighty leprechaun jumped from a tree and pushed Humpty right off the bike. I was so stunned because I couldn’t believe his aim and that he landed on the bike so well. In the middle of my staring, tons of eggs came bounding over the fence like bunnies trying to save the last carrot. Some searched for the leprechaun and some ran to Humpty. I ran inside to get an icepack, the first aid kit, and a stretcher. Inside the first aid kit there was tape, Band-Aids, and all kinds of other stuff. We tried to put Humpty back together, but it was pretty difficult to figure out all of the human’s body parts.  After running into many problems, we figured out that the leg was supposed to be at the bottom of the body, the head was supposed to be at the top of the body, and the arms at the top right and left. We had to take him all back apart and try to get him together again. This time it was a lot harder because we were getting tired.

When Humpty’s dad saw that we couldn’t put his son back together again he got even madder. After a bit he just started to cry and through his tears I could hear, “I will never have a son again…..never….ever…again.” That’s when his human neighbors came outside to get him and bring him inside.

The eggs that went searching for the leprechaun could only find Humpty’s bike.  For a long time after this none of the kids in our neighborhood would ride their bike without a parent present.

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Mar 19 2014

Modern Cinderella


Modern Cinderella

By: Emma

Once upon a time there was just a normal girl. Her name was C.C., but her real name is Cinder due to her stepsisters. They got to rename her after her mom died. So she had horrible nicknames like Cinderblock, just because they wanted to be funny and they’re not that funny.

Well, this is sadly not my story. It’s C.C.’s.

Hi, I’m C.C. I have a very nice family, my two stepsisters, Ana and Jenna, and a very nice stepmom. She lets me sleep on a twin size bed sometimes instead of a floor. I know what you’re thinking; nicest person in the world. Well, she’s not. if I wrote that they were evil they would make me sleep outside with the dog but of course I would not be able to sleep in the dog’s condo dog house. I would have to sleep in the shed with the teacup rats, that have their own mousy resort, but of course I would have to sleep in their resort’s garbage.

      Well, off to school I’m late again same old typical C.C.

As you know, I kind of need a date to the prom. Oh and don’t worry, this is not an ad on what you’re reading, it’s just my desperate feelings.

My stepsisters are already snotty as they are, but what makes it even worse, is that my stepsisters are also the popular girls at school.

I know what you’re thinking. I know you should be happy you’ll be popular too. Well you’re wrong. I’m the exact opposite. Everybody expects for me to be a kiss or a foot rest. Do you know how annoying that is!

So, there is this guy if you give him $20 dollars he will let you try out to be his date and he’s so cute. I have the money but I don’t think he’ll pick me I have little tiny purple teenishoes, nothing fancy, and I don’t even have a dress. Why in the world would I, Princess Nasty be picked? But I’ll do it, but just because. Not because I’m desperate.

“It wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?”

      “Today is the big day I’m finally going to go on my first date myself!”

But just in case I brought my $20 dollars. So there is a line of girls and my stepsisters, to try out for prince popular’s date.

So I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, until I was the last girl in line he had not picked anyone yet and I was the last girl in all of the school. Well we talked, and turns out that he’s lonely too whale we were talking my show came off and fell in the stream. Well something romantic happened. He got it for me and put it on my foot just like prince charming did on Cinderella. And we lived happily ever after. I think!

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Mar 18 2014

Miaya and the Necklace

Miaya and the Necklace

By: Abbigail

Once upon a time, in a small village of Africa, there was young girl. About the age 16 I believe. She was very beautiful; long, lush, chestnut colored hair and skin the color of coffee. She lived with her step-mother and two step-sisters, Tenya and Liama. They made her work very hard all day fetching water for them.

“Miaya, we need more water to wash our hair,” called her Tenya.

“Sure I guess…”

As Miaya ambled on toward the river she caught sight of a few pink colored shells.  They were very stunning so she placed them in her basket. Also while she was walking she saw some bright green reeds. She put those in her basket as well. As soon as she had brought the water to her sister and her step-mother she thought, “I will make the things I found into a fine necklace.”

Before she could get started, her step-mother yelled, “Start working. You are as helpless as rat.”

A few days later they received a message from the village messenger saying that they were invited to Prince Elaquire’s 18th birthday party.

“We should get ready at once,” yelled Tenya.

“This will be just grand,” Miaya wistfully replied.

All three girls broke out laughing and snickering and dancing around Miaya. She broke down in tears and ran outside down to the river.

“Hello sweet girl, why are you crying?”

Miaya whirled around and saw an elderly lady. “Who are you?”

“I am your fairy godmother.”

“Can you help me get to the party?” replied Miaya.

“Yes, close your eyes” said the fairy godmother.

Miaya opened her eyes and her old brown ripped dress was a long silk blue, purple, red, and green dress. Around her neck she saw a necklace. It was made of the same shells she had collected!

“Thank you! It’s beautiful!” Miaya replied.

“But there is one thing. You have to be back by dusk. Otherwise, you will transform back to your old self.”

“Thank you! I will.”  Exclaimed Miaya.

So she headed out, walking beside the river so no one would see her. When she got to Prince Elaquire’s hut she heard music and saw everyone dancing.  As soon as she entered the hut, the guests turned and stared.  Prince Elaquire walked over to her and asked her to dance.

“Sure,” she replied.

They danced all evening. Soon she realized she could hardly see the setting sun through the window.

“I have to go,” cried Miaya.  So she ran out leaving her shell necklace behind.  As she ran home, her dress returned to normal.

The next day she heard a knocking and overheard her sisters talking about a necklace.  She went to see who was at the door. It was Prince Elaquire! He was looking for the owner of the necklace.

The necklace did not fit either sister’s neck, but it fit Miaya perfectly!

“Will you marry me?” Elaquire said.

“Yes!” She replied.

They lived happily ever after.

The End





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Mar 17 2014

Golden Stalk

Golden stalk

Once upon a time there was a kid named Jack.  He traded his brother for some beans.  Once he got those beans he brought them to his house and he told his mom.  His mom got really mad and then she grabbed them and tried to return them. But they would not accept them and she looks at them and throws out the window.

The next day Jack went to go look for them.  And they were gone and when he saw Goldilocks running with them.  And then Goldilocks brought them to her house and she put them in a pot.  And then it was getting dark out so she went to bed.  Once she woke up she noticed her house was destroyed.

So then she desisted to go find someone and then she came upon a house. Then I saw four bears leaving and then she went inside.  And then I found food and soon as I was going to eat it I heard the door open.  Then I ran upstairs to hide then I heard a lot of pans banging. Suddenly I smelled really good food.

So then I slowly went down stairs. THEN I slowly turned the corner and I saw lots of delicious food.  So then I went and jumped out the window, and then I went to the door and I said can I come in they said yes of COURES. They said would you like some food.

I would love some food, AND can I stay the night.  Yes you can then I had some awesome dinner.  After dinner we went to bed and the bed was really big.  And the next day I want to my old house.  I desisted to climb the bean stalk.  It took so long and I thought I saw a house and I did see house so then once I got to the top I didn’t want to open the door.

So then I rang the doorbell and this huge giant answered the door. I said can I come in.  Sure you can even live with ME and I got to live with a giant and go sky diving EVERY  day off of the bean stalk and go to the bears hose and say hello to them and then I go and climb up the bean stalk and go to my room. THEN IF IT IS DARK OUT I GO TO BED.

The end

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Mar 17 2014

The Little Red Elephant

The Little Red Elephant

By Ben

Once upon a time there was a red elephant. He was called the little red elephant because he was very small compared to most elephants, and always wore a red cape.  He was also very loving to everybody.  He especially loved his grandmother. When she got sick, he was quick to act. He asked his mother, “What can I do to help Grandma?”

“Well, you could bring her some of my homemade bamboo and some sweet fruits.”

“Ok,” the little red elephant answered.

“But watch out for the Bad Squeakers.” His mother added.

“Who are the Bad Squeakers?” The little red elephant asked.  His mother explained that the bad squeakers were a group of gangster mice that cut down trees, smoke, and wear what they call bling.

“I doubt that they want an elephant disturbing their work. There is no telling what they would do if you came across them.” But don’t worry dear.  In these big woods, the chances are small that you would see them.” Feeling reassured, the little red elephant gave his mom a kiss and went on his way.

After going just a short distance, the little red elephant came across the Bad Squeaker Gang. The little red elephant thought to himself.

“Why did I even come into the woods knowing that there was a chance that I would meet the Bad Squeakers?”  The Bad Squeakers were nasty right from the get go.

The biggest mouse looked to be the leader based on the way he bossed everyone around said. “What is such a small wimpy elephant doing in the great dangerous woods?” My name is King Cheese, and this is my gang the Bad Squeakers, and where in the world are you going?”

“I am going to my grandmother’s house to give her some of my mom’s homemade bamboo and sweet fruits,” he replied.

“Well, we love any kind of food,” said the mean old mouse.  He then swiped the bamboo out of the basket as fast as a cheetah on steroids.

“Hey give it back Mister Cheesy or whatever your name is,” cried the little elephant. “Now I won’t be able to give that to my poor ill grandma!”

“Fine you little wimp,” exclaimed nasty mouse. The little red elephant proceeded to take off in a sprint, running as fast as he could through the woods. Unfortunately, the Bad Squeakers had not given up yet. They whispered to each other, “We don’t need that basket of food.  Maybe we’ll just make a tasty elephant snack out of him and his grandmother.” The Bad Squeakers were fearless and did not care about the size of their prey.  They found their way to the grandmother’s house, knocked on the door, and said in their best elephant voice, “Hello grandmother. It is your little red elephant.” There was no answer. They found their way to the chimney, jumped in, and landed in a pot of boiling stew.

“Just like planned.” Laughed the grandmother as they enjoyed some mice stew. They all lived happily ever after!

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Mar 17 2014

The Three Little Cavemen

The Three Little Cavemen

By: Devin

            Once upon a time there were three little cavemen in the mountains. I was the youngest of the three. Our hut had been destroyed and our mom was gone because of Cam, the vicious dinosaur. Many cavemen had vanished because of that dino. Now we were on the run to find a place to hide. We set out from our old hut.

We split up to build new huts. My oldest brother set up his home on one side of the village.  I moved in the exact opposite side of my oldest brother and perpendicular to my second oldest brother. I constructed my home out of twigs. Starting my house was the hard part but once I began it became a lot easier. To supply myself with food, I built my own garden. As days passed there was no sign of Cam.

One day when I was getting carrots from my garden I saw HIM. It was Cam the Crusher! I ran into my hut and prepared my secret back door. Instead of barging into my house he started chanting.

“Cam the Crusher, Cam the Crusher, here to destroy your house.” He paused for a moment then asked me “Any last words?”

I finally had the courage to speak, “No hair on my chiny chin!”

When Cam started swinging his tail, I darted for the back door and didn’t look back until I could see my brother’s hut. Cam was searching through the wreckage for me. I shouldn’t have ever turned around because right then he looked up and saw me.

“Back here,” He shouted, but I just kept on running.

My middle brother saw me as he was fixing his club. “What are you doing,” asked my brother.

“C-C-C-Cam,” I replied as I ran into his cabin made of logs.

“Cam the Crusher, Cam the Crusher, here to destroy your house. Last words?” He announced as we hit him twice with the club before we answered.

“No hair on our chiny chins!” We yelled before we had to scram.

Lucky for us my brother had installed a secret underground exit.  The tunnel led us to the bottom of the mountain where we could see my oldest brother’s mansion made out of stone. As we ran, I wasn’t the one to look back this time, and again Cam saw us. Cam didn’t waste any time and was already gaining on us.

As my brother was setting up a trap he asked, “What ya doing?”

“C-C-C-Cam,” We replied in unison. He understood, and we helped him finish his trap.

Cam came up to the mansion and boasted “Mmm three in one! Cam the Crusher, Cam the Crusher, here to destroy your house.”

Suddenly he walked right into my brother’s trap and we pulled the rope. The net captured him. The only way we would let him out was if he swore never again to crush anyone. He agreed and went off to get a job as a destruction worker.

The End

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Mar 17 2014

The Other Side

The Other Side

Once upon a time there was a wonderful kingdom that was anything but ordinary. The town was buzzing with excitement as night came and the decorations were lit. The ladies were lined up in their fancy dresses.

Three days ago letters were sent out. My parents, the king and queen, had been reminding me again and again, “Why don’t you have a wife? Look at all the beautiful ladies down in the village.”  Of course I had noticed, but didn’t like any of the spoiled little brats. The letters were sent out and the ball was in three short days: full of preparation and dread. That day girls are crowding the street and rushing from store to store trying to find the right dress. My parents were bustling around making arrangements. They are in work mode so they were kind of hard to talk to. I am already bored. This is so stupid! There is a girl I like but I would never have her heart, for she is a servant of a family in the village. Her name is Cinderella. I only knew about her because of her tragic history and my constant visits to the village. At this point all I wanted was to get it over with.

Then that day came. I felt sick, like my insides had been replaced by snakes. The lights in the streets were hung beautifully. As night fell they turned on making the coble stoned streets full of so many colors I thought I had just walked into a rainbow explosion. The girls were lining up to dance. They all were wearing frilly dresses of all colors. I already knew I didn’t want any of them to be my wife. We talked and talked and danced. I felt like all of this was useless. Then something happened…

Who is that?!? She was beautiful heads turned as she walked on to the dance floor. Her dress was an elegant white and her blond hair was braided in gold. She had no makeup on, but she didn’t need any. She was the greatest person I have ever seen. But I had a feeling I had seen her before. I spent the rest of the night with her. It chimed midnight, and she stiffened.

“I need to go” she sounded worried.

I grabbed her arm, “You can’t go!”

She ran. But as she did, her shoe fell of and she didn’t stop to pick it up. I didn’t dance anymore; I ran to my room and paced back and forth. I had never felt that way; I needed to find her.

The next day the search was started and we went from house to house to find her. We traveled for miles, and at our last house I found her along with 2 girls I had danced with; but didn’t fit ether of them. But fit Cinderella. She was still in rags, but she was just as beautiful. The shoe fit, and she was my princess.

And we lived happily ever after.


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Mar 17 2014

The Three Princes and the Little Bad Witch

By: Andrew

Once upon a time there lived three royal brothers Bill, George, and Sam. Each of them lived in separate castles in the kingdom of philosophers were their dad King Phil ruled. These three princes all had different ideas for their castles, George made his out of the finest wood of the kingdom, Bills of brick, and Sam’s was out of steel. The kingdom was the nicest there was but there was one problem the little bad witch.

“The little bad witch is in front the castle hypnotizing the crocodiles in the mote,” One of his servants reported as Prince George was polishing his wooden shoes.

“Send the guards out to stop her,” Prince George commanded his servant.

So the servant did but she zapped them with her wand and they fell into a deep sleep. When there weren’t any guards left she waved her wand around her head and zapped the castle and it fell to with a big thud. After the story spread around the kingdom the witch was feared by many people throughout the kingdom.

Three days after Prince George’s castle crashed to the ground Prince Bill was making sure his brick castle would not do the same his brothers did.

“Do you think the witch will crush my castle he asked?”

Not wanting to upset him they replied no. While he was doing this one of his servants reported that the little bad witch was in front of the castle. Like Prince George, Prince Bill sent his guards to try to stop her but the witch put them into a deep sleep. After that the witch waved her wand around her head and zapped the brick castle. The castle fell down huge crash and Prince Bill’s brick castle was a pile of bricks. Once Prince Sam heard of what had happened to his brothers he was furious with the little bad witch and scared that she would knock his castle down.

The next day Prince Sam was trying to figure out a way to stop the witch from destroying the kingdom. Finally he came up with an idea.

“Build a huge mirror”, Prince Sam ordered to his servant.

So the servant came back with a huge mirror that covered a whole side of the castle. Then the Prince announced his plan to capture the little bad witch.

“The witch has come,” a servant announced the next day.

So Prince Sam called out to the witch, “You can wave that wand over your head but you will never knock down my castle.”

The little witch laughed at his joke then waved her wand around her head a tried to zap the castle down. This time instead of the castle falling down the power from the wand hit the mirror and came back and hit the little bad witch and she fell into a deep deep sleep. After that the whole kingdom of Philosophers rejoiced because the little bad witch was gone. The whole kingdom lived happily ever after.

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Mar 17 2014

Rhino Rampage

Rhino Rampage

By: Aaron

          A long, long time ago, when animals talked, there lived three pigs. I’m their neighbor, Bill. I’m going to tell you about the horrible thing that happened to them. It all started when they were going around looking for materials in the savanna.

“We’re never going to find metal here,” the youngest pig said.

“I thought you said that you saw a broken down house that was made out of metal,” said the pig that was the second oldest.

“There it is,” said the oldest pig.

The oldest pig had stepped inside and said it was perfect. The pigs grabbed all the metal and all that they had found, and started to make houses. The oldest pig thought that he was clever enough to work with only one layer of the thin building material, so he let the middle brother take the rest of it. The middle pig first dug a hole in the ground, and then covered it with a few layers of metal. After constructing he gave his youngest brother all the leftover pieces. The youngest pig took all the remaining metal and melted it down into blocks. He made a house by stacking blocks, and sealing them by welding the blocks together at the cracks.

In the meantime a rhino family arrived at their home and they were shocked.

“What happened to our beautiful house?” the teenage rhino said.

“I have no idea,” said the mother rhino.

“I think I know,” said the father rhino, as he stared at the tracks left from dragged metal.

The rhinos left the area and followed the clues to find out what had happened to their home. All the pigs had finished their houses when the rhino family came by.

“Give our metal back,” yelled the father rhino.

The pigs didn’t hear a word; they were inside their houses working on furniture. The teenage rhino got mad so he charged at the oldest brother’s house. There was a big bang; the rhino smashed right through the metal. The oldest pig then ran to his middle brother’s house nearby. Irritated, the mother rhino ran straight to the middle pig’s house, but fell down into the hole that was covered. The two pigs ran out of the second wrecked house to their youngest brother’s house. The father was furious. He ran as fast as he could and bashed his head against the wall, but he knocked himself out! That day those rhinos learned not to mess with those pigs and never came back again!


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Mar 17 2014

And We All Lived Horribly Ever After

By: Ally

Cinderella is a brat and very pushy. We live in a well-cared for house, in a magic kingdom with my two daughters and our maid Cinderella. (The reason we made her our maid is because she’s too spoiled.)   My daughters are named Anastasia and Drizella and they are simply wonderful. My name is … Well, I just go by:  Evil Stepmother.  I don’t think I’m evil, but I guess it’s my own fault that I got on the Fairy Godmother’s bad side.

My story starts like this. One day my daughters got an invitation to the prince’s ball.  I don’t know if you know this, but being invited to a ball is a once-in-a-lifetime deal.  Then Cinderella comes along and ruins it. Cinderella thinks she’s all nice with all of her animal friends, but I’ve heard what they say about her behind her back. You know… mean and bossy and all!  She’s as evil as an old witch with a magic cauldron.

“Step mother!” Cinderella called.

“What do you want now?” I said back.

“Well I thought maybe I could come to the ball with you.” pleaded Cinderella.

“Absolutely not!” I cried.

Just then the gowns my daughters and I were going to wear to the ball showed up so we had to get ready. Now, most people don’t understand why I didn’t let Cinderella come with us, but the invitation was specifically for Anastasia, Drizella and me. Was her name on it? No!

The ball was simply amazing! The prince was so handsome; he even danced with my girls. Then this lovely lady showed up and hogged the prince the rest of the night. When we all got home, we all got a good night’s sleep.

The next morning I woke to a pounding on the door. I quickly got ready and noticed Anastasia and Drizella did the same. When we got down to the door I saw a man from the kingdom standing outside. I didn’t want Cinderella to be rude so I ran upstairs, locked her in her room and rushed back downstairs.

The man said he had a glass slipper that was left at the ball last night. The person whose foot fit the slipper was the one to marry the prince. Anastasia went first and her foot was much too big. I felt sorry for her as Drizella put the slipper on. It almost fit but was a little too big. Then we all heard a crash and looked up at the stairs.

Cinderella was running down the stairs crying out, “The slipper’s mine! Wait let me try it on!”

Now all the stories say I stuck my leg out so the man would trip and break the slipper, but he was just clumsy and tripped on the rug.

The slipper broke, but Cinderella pulled out another one and said, “See? I told you it was mine!”

The man whisked her away to the castle; she married the prince and had a happy ending. But for me? Not so much.


The End


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